Thick Board

  • Flat and smooth surface
  • From 1.00 mm to 4.00 mm thickness


Eska board is graphic board, famous for its excellent characteristics,i.e. Flatness, Stiffness and Smoothness. It is most suitable for bookbinder to high frequency welder and from game and puzzle producer to lever arch file manufacturer.


FSC recycled (CU-COC-809179)

Umweltzeichen (Blaue Engel)

Foodstuffs and Consumer Goods Act

DIN EN 71, part 3 (safety and toys)


For optimal and problem-free processing, it is advisable to allow graphic board to acclimatize for at least one day in the processing area. To guarantee the stability of graphic board, it should be avoid placing it in the vicinity of hot or cold air flows (for example in draughts, next to air conditioners or heating installations).

The ideal processing climate is 18˚C to 22˚C at the relative humidity of  55 to 65%.

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